DIA member discounts with an insurance partner
who knows about design.

The DIA has a new insurance offer with Planned Cover. Planned Cover has been protecting designers for over 30 years: they understand the needs of design businesses and the professional risks you face.

Planned Cover can help you with a wide range of insurances, including Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Travel and Life insurances. They understand that people and business have different needs at different times and can give you advice on how to manage your risk exposure.

Substantial discounts are available to DIA members on your annual insurance premiums:
  • $100 discount off Professional Indemnity Insurance premium
  • At least another $50 discount off the premium on every other policy.
Become a Planned Cover client and you will be entitled to:
  • At least 2 free ‘contract reviews’, where they will advise members of any uninsured clauses contained within consultancy contracts/agreements
  • And an array of risk management services and access to legally qualified risk managers.

Visit the Planned Cover website www.plannedcover.com.au or call the person below, quoting your DIA member number to access these services and discounts:

Victoria Laurence Gottlieb 03 85085400
NSW/ACT Simon Gray 02 99575700
Qld/NT Karen Meiklejohn 07 30171555
SA/Tas Cos Cirocco 08 83637366
WA Kylie McGrath 08 92611200