The DIA Recognised Course TM program is an opportunity for tertiary institutions to align their courses with the design industry's peak body. This way students will have the assurance their course is of appropriate standing to meet industry standards.

All DIA Education Members can submit their courses for DIA Course Recognition. The DIA's Recognised Courses are listed below. Students and Graduates of these courses are automatically eligible to be DIA members.

The following criteria apply for a course to be a DIA Recognised Course.
  1. It is delivered by a DIA Education Member which means it is delivered by a Registered Training Organisation or a registered Higher Education Provider (which include universities.
  2. It is rated by the Australian Qualification Framework at least AQF 6 or 7 (Advanced Diploma or Degree). The only exception is where the highest qualification available is an AQF 5 (Diploma), which typically applies to Interior Decoration, Furniture Design and Digital Media.

    For more information about registering a course for DIA Course Recognition, please contact the DIA National Office.

To become a DIA member please visit our Membership Page.