DIA Education Policy

The Design Institute of Australia recognises the importance of a diverse and innovative design education sector.

Such a sector must offer a choice of courses varying in focus and curriculum, a range of teaching and learning approaches, varied research orientations and distinct graduate outcomes.

Design education in Australia has evolved beyond simply providing a trained workforce for professional career paths. If Australia is to embrace the benefits of a creative society it is essential to build awareness and an understanding of design within the broader community. This means educating about design, as well as expanding the profession’s body of knowledge through design research and innovative practice.

The DIA also recognises the benefits of higher levels of education within the profession. There must therefore be access to design education through a range of pathways and flexible study options in the higher education and vocational education sectors, along with expanded opportunities for postgraduate study, professional development and lifelong learning.

With this in mind, the DIA seeks to:

  • develop strong and open communication channels with tertiary institutions through DIA membership and engagement with DIA programs and events
  • encourage research, postgraduate education and ongoing professional development
  • contribute, in a consultative way, to curriculum development and course delivery
  • support the sector to develop new programs in response to changes and advances in the profession
  • promote the attainment of higher educational standards within the profession
  • foster excellence in design education and training.

DIA Education Policy
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• DIA support for course delivery
• DIA support for new and proposed courses
• Quality and benchmarking
• AQF Qualification levels and DIA Membership
• Support for research and postgraduate study
• Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
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