The Accredited DesignerTM program distinguishes Australia鈥檚 most experienced and knowledgeable design practitioners.

While all DIA members are encouraged to participate in CPD, it is only MDIA Members, Fellows and Life Fellows who can use their CPD points to qualify as an Accredited DesignerTM. By accruing 50 CPD points each year, these experienced practitioners earn the right to use the term Accredited Designer TM in the promotion of their professional credentials and in business correspondence.

CPD points can be earned by participating in both DIA events and programs and also professional development programs offered by other organisations. The scoring of CPD activities and your online logging of CPD activities are outlined in CPD.

Once you reach 50 points, email the DIA at to have your accreditation activated.

MDIA members are practitioners who have the appropriate tertiary qualifications and at least 5 years work experience, as outlined in How to Join. The membership categories of Fellow (FDIA) and Life Fellow (LFDIA) and are honours bestowed by the National Council of the DIA to designers who have demonstrated leadership and excellence in their field over an extended period.